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Visitor visas to US for your friends or relatives

If you want to invite your friends or relatives to US you will most likely have to go through difficulties of finding the right way to do it. Every country including US has its rules and regulations that are time consuming and difficult to understand. Although it sometimes seems that what you read on the Embassy or Consulate website is self sufficient you still fail to do the right job, and your loved ones get stuck with visa denial. Since we have been working with US Consulates not only in Russia but in most former USSR Republics for over 30 years, and also know very well the documents and the way to obtain them in Russia for submitting them to the Consulate, we can assist your loved ones in collecting them as well as filling the application ( in English only), and go through the interview. We can not guarantee that everyone will get his US visa for 100% since The State Department makes a decision based on many factors, but we can help avoid many mistakes that sometimes become a major reason for visa denial. For more information please give us a call - (415) 781-6655 or send your request